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General Size Range for Seamless Steel Tubing

Seamless steel specialty tubing is available in almost any size from 0.125" to 14" in outer diameter, with wall thicknesses ranging from 0.028" to 3". It should be emphasized that seamless tubing is essentially a cusom-made product, and virtually any dimensions - within the size range indicated - are available.

Because of the many sizes and wall thicknesses, it may not always be possible to get the exact size from a local service center. If the tubing is not available from local sources, an inquiry should be made to a producing mill, either directly or through the service center. Remember, relatively small-quantity orders are practical and economically feasible.

When ordering seamless tubing, the general industry practice is to specify outside diameter (OD) and wall thickness. These are most often specified as "critical" dimensions. However, if the inside diameter (ID) is the most important dimension, cold worked tubing is specified to ID and OD or ID and wall thickness. If the wall thickness is the most important dimension, the OD and wall thickness or ID and the wall thickness are specified on the order.


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