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Stainless Seamless Steel Tubing Advantages Over Bar Stock

When the machining of a part involves drilling a center hole for its entire length, it should be carefully considered as a potential application for seamless steel mechanical tubing. This can cover a wide range of products from shotgun barrels and hydraulic piston rods to automotive transmission gears and pump shaft sleeves

A tube already has the center hole, and the elimination of drilling in the machining sequence can lead to substantial reductions in machine time. In addition, there will be fewer chips with tubing, so there will be less expense for collecting, cleaning and handling of machining waste.

The seamless tubing will weight less than a comparable size solid bar, which means lower shipping cots from the mill or steel service center to the shop, and the tubes may be easier to load t the machine tool. Also, because of lighter weight, starting stock could possibly be longer, and this translates into more parts, fewer stub ends, or "shorts"


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